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Good Neighbours

Author – Mary Grand.

Mary Grand is the author of five novels and writes gripping, page-turning suspense,
with a dark and often murderous underside. She grew up in Wales, was for many years
a teacher of deaf children and now lives on the Isle of Wight where her novel,
The House Party, which was published by Boldwood in July 2020, is set.

Mary Grand

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Publisher – Boldwood Books

Pages – 393

The Blurb –

It was meant to be a safe place to start again… 

In need of an escape from her failing marriage, Nia agrees to house-sit her aunt’s cottage on the Isle of Wight. She feels sure the cosy close in a quaint harbour town will be a safe place to hide and figure out what to do next. 

But things are not all as they seem in the close, and the neighbours who welcome her with open arms, are keeping secrets. When Nia finds the body of one of her new friends lying on the beach, she feels sickeningly sure that the killer is dangerously near to home.

Who killed her friend and why did she have to die? And if Nia discovers the answers she’s looking for, is she next on their hit list? Good neighbours may become good friends, but they can also make deadly enemies… 

Today is my stop on the Good Neighbours blog tour. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – Wow this is a good read. I have never read anything else by this author but I will be now. The book is excellently written and the tension created as the story goes along really jumps off the page.

In order to escape an abusive relationship Nia finds herself going to the Isle of Wight to house sit for her aunt. However the pleasant surroundings are hiding something far more sinister and is Nia still in danger miles away from her ex partner…..

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Mystery at Lovelace Manor

Author – Clare Chase

Clare Chase writes classic mysteries. Her aim is to take readers away from it all via some armchair sleuthing in atmospheric locations.

Her debut novel was shortlisted for Novelicious’s Undiscovered Award, as well as an EPIC award post-publication, and was chosen as a Debut of the Month by LoveReading. Murder on the Marshes (Tara Thorpe 1) was shortlisted for an International Thriller Writers award.

Like her heroines, Clare is fascinated by people and what makes them tick. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked in settings as diverse as Littlehey Prison and the University of Cambridge, in her home city. She’s lived everywhere from the house of a lord to a slug-infested flat and finds the mid-terrace she currently occupies a good happy medium.

As well as writing, Clare loves family time, art and architecture, cooking, and of course, reading other people’s books.

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Publisher – Bookouture

Pages – 298

The Blurb –

Lovelace Manor has a famous past… but when a historian becomes history at its annual open day, amateur sleuth Eve Mallow is on the case!

Everyone in Saxford St Peter flocks to Lovelace Sunday, the festival celebrating the romantic history of beautiful Lovelace Manor. This year will be even more exciting, as famous TV historian Cammie Harington is planning a spectacular stunt with a hot-air balloon for her new show.

Eve Mallow jumps at the chance to volunteer – it’s a great people-watching opportunity. But she soon realises there is no love lost between Cammie and the family who owns the manor… so why did Cammie agree to come?

When Cammie’s hot-air balloon tumbles from the sky, Eve feels sure this is no accident. Alongside dachshund Gus, she sets to work investigating the mystery, piecing together all the odd things she’s seen and heard.

Could the killer be discreet Diana, lady of the manor, who fell out with Cammie years ago? Or Diana’s dashing brother Sebastian, whose dark secret Cammie knew? Why was the loyal gardener following Cammie around? And had Cammie uncovered something explosive about the manor’s past, as she claimed?

When someone breaks into Cammie’s cottage and a priceless Lovelace heirloom goes missing, Eve is sure she’s on the right track… but can she solve the case, before the killer brings her crashing down?

A completely gripping English cozy mystery, perfect for fans of Frances Evesham, J.R. Ellis and Betty Rowlands.

Today is my stop on the Mystery at Lovelace Manor blog tour. Many thanks to Bookouture for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This is the eighth book in the Eve Mallow series.

Other titles in the series include:

Mystery on Hidden Lane

Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage

Mystery at Seagrave Hall

Mystery at the Old Mill

Mystery at Magpie Lodge

Eve is right in the thick of it again when she finds herself witnessing a hot air balloon fall from the sky and killing the TV presenter who was on it. Due to her job as an obituary writer she manages to interview all the people that the presenter knows and soon realises more than one person could have wanted them dead.

This is another great outing for Eve Mallow, I thoroughly the series and always look forward to another installment in the series. Eve herself is a great character and having a strong lead is what drives a good cosy crime mystery, after reading so many of her adventures you get to know the character and how she will react in situations. I like that kind of familiarity in a character.

I not only recommend this book but the whole series.

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The Lost Bones

Author – Runi Choudhary.

Ruhi Choudhary discovered her passion for writing when she was seven years old and wrote her first Star Trek episode. Being a fan of the dark and twisted, she found her calling in crime thrillers.

She likes to write stories that make you a little uncomfortable and characters that you struggle to make up your mind about but stay with you.

She lives in Toronto and spends her days training to be a scientist and wishing it rained more often!

Ruhi Choudhary

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Publisher – Bookouture

Pages – 332

The Blurb – The woman’s skin was almost transparent. Her light hair darkened at the tips. Her lips were blue and slightly parted. But all Mackenzie could focus on were the eyes. Those arctic eyes that looked glassy like glistening marbles. She could see her own reflection in them staring back at her. The woman looked almost like a carefully crafted doll.

Detective Mackenzie Price knows what makes a killer tick. But when she finds the body of a young woman dumped in the trunk of her car, she knows this case is going to be the most personal and twisted yet.

Looking down at the victim, Mack recognises her instantly: Sophie Fields, the fiancée of Mack’s co-worker who vanished months before. Reeling in shock, Mack keeps one crucial piece of evidence to herself, too horrified to share it: a crumpled piece of paper bearing the words “You’re welcome, Mackenzie.”

As Mack pieces together Sophie’s last known movements, another body is found with a note. This time the victim is Courtney Montenegro, Mack’s childhood bully. As Mack looks at the note it becomes clear that the killer has an unusual MO: they want to protect her at all costs. But why?

The only evidence connecting the victims are identical pieces of material left at both crime scenes. With no other leads, Mack unearths a cold case which may lead her to the killer. Sophie had a sister who disappeared years before. Did she get too close to the truth and pay the ultimate price?

With an obsessive killer still on the loose, Mack knows that she needs to get deep inside their mind to work out who is next on the hit list. Can she get to the killer in time before someone close to her loses their life?

A completely gripping read that will have you on the edge of your seat, this addictive crime thriller is perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh.

Today is my stop on The Lost Bones blog tour. Many thanks to Bookouture for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This is the fifth book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series. I have also read and reviewed, Little Boy Lost which is the third book in the series.

This book sees Detective Price looking into the death of woman found in a truck, with a note made out to her.

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to going back to read the others in the series, that I have missed.

This series works well as the author has created believable characters that all work well together, it is always interesting to see how the dynamics within the investigating team work.

A brilliant read, highly recommended.

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The Write Balance

Author – Bonnie Goldberg.

Bonni Goldberg is the author of The Write Balance: How to Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public , the companion book to the best-seller Room to Write: Daily Invitations to a Writer’s Life . Bonni is an award-winning poet and writer. She is the creator of the 2 Minute Journals ™ series. Both traditionally and indie published, her books include non-fiction for adults and fiction and non-fiction for young readers. Her essays and blog posts can be found in numerous print and online publications. 

Bonni teaches creative writing at colleges and leads writing workshops internationally for all ages. She knows everyone is creative, and she supports people to discover and share their authentic, meaningful and imaginative experiences through words. Whether through her writings or through teaching, her methods and perspectives continue to empower thousands of adults, families, and children. 

Bonni is also a Jewish educator. She speaks, writes, and leads workshops on Jewish topics such as Jewish identity, rituals and antisemitism at Jewish women’s events, JCCs, and conferences. Bonni Goldberg lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner in life, and some creative projects, artist Geo Kendall.

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Pages – 233

The Blurb –

Bonni Goldberg’s The Write Balance introduces you to alternative perspectives and motivation for lasting creative fulfillment. This companion book to the beloved bestseller, Room toWrite is filled with encouragement, tools, examples and exercises.

Through years of teaching writing in workshops and in classrooms, Bonni has seen that the writers who are most passionate and grounded in their Writing Self embrace three aspects of the writing process: nurturing ideas, revising to best communicate those ideas, and completing the writing cycle by going public.

In this powerful guide, Bonni invites you to explore these creative stages which are essential to satisfying your Writing Self.

Use The Write Balance to:

  • Find Fulfillment as a Writer
  • Explore Creative Writing
  • Add to Your Writer’s Toolbox for Perspective
  • Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Teach Creative Writing
  • Inspire Your Writing Group
  • Give as Gifts to the Writers in Your Life

Today is my stop on The Write Balance blog tour. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This book is a really good resource for writers. The author really helps aspiring or established authors look behind their writing processes. She does this by explaining what she has found to be the most useful ways for her to hone her craft.

As someone who writes occasionally I found her advice useful and insightful and it really spurred me onto to creating more written work.

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Cause of Death

Author – Anna Legat.

Anna Legat is a Wiltshire-based author, best known for her DI Gillian Marsh murder mystery series. Murder isn’t the only thing on her mind. She dabbles in a wide variety of genres, ranging from dark humorous comedy, through magic realism to dystopian. A globe-trotter and Jack-of-all-trades, Anna has been an attorney, legal adviser, a silver-service waitress, a school teacher and a librarian. She has lived in far-flung places all over the world where she delighted in people-watching and collecting precious life experiences for her stories. Anna writes, reads, lives and breathes books and can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction.

Anna Legat

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Publisher – Headline Accent

Pages – 287

The Blurb –

All is not well in the village. The local meadows have been the pride of Bishops Well for hundreds of years, but now they are facing the sharp blades of developers. The landowner is a rich and reclusive author who is happy to see them destroyed, but the villagers – including Sam Dee and Maggie Kaye – are fighting back.

Until, that is, someone decides to silence one of their number permanently.

As Maggie and Sam soon discover, there is more than a quick buck to be made in the developers’ plans. There are age-old secrets and personal vendettas that could have deadly repercussions in Bishops Well today.

With Sam’s legal expertise and Maggie’s… well, Maggie-ness, they delve into the past, determined to unearth the truth. And, as sparks begin to fly, could there finally be something more between this sleuthing duo? 

Today is my stop on the Cause of Death blog tour. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This is the third in The Shire Mysteries series.

Bishops Well has become the target of land developers, the picturesque village is now threatened with new homes and noise. However the developers face an angry village who don’t take kindly to their plans.

Sam and Maggie are against the action but find themselves investigating when a body is found. It is not long before they find out that Bishops Well has many well buried secrets that some will go a long way to cover up.

A really well written cosy crime mystery.

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An English Garden Murder

Author – Katie Gayle.

Katie Gayle is the writing partnership of best-selling South African writers, Kate Sidley and Gail Schimmel. Kate and Gail have, between them, written over ten books of various genres, but with Katie Gayle, they both make their debut in the cozy mystery genre. Both Gail and Kate live in Johannesburg, with husbands, children, dogs and cats.

Katie Gayle

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Publisher – Bookouture

Pages – 262

The Blurb – Meet Julia Bird: recently single, reluctantly retired, and… an amateur sleuth?

Julia Bird has left London for a fresh start in a picturesque Cotswolds village, and the rustic charm and cosy fireplaces of her little cottage are everything she’d hoped for. But when she tears down the old garden shed to make way for a chicken coop, she unearths much more than she’d bargained for… the body of a young woman, apparently buried for decades, thrusting Julia into a baffling mystery.

With only one copper on the case in Berrywick, Julia decides to solve the who and whodunnit herself, taking her wayward puppy Jake along for the ride. And so begins a whirlwind tour of the village – from the dotty 90-year-old to the delightful doctor and the village gardener, it seems everyone has something to hide.

Soon, Julia is convinced she has discovered the killer’s identity, until Jake, a true Labrador, finds a new love of the local lake’s waterfowl and instead ends up catching her chief suspect… drowned. Back at square one, with potential culprits galore, Julia – newly nicknamed the Grim Reaper – despairs at ever solving the murders.

But as Julia ruffles feathers village-wide, the clock is ticking. There is someone in the village who has killed twice already. Will they be prepared to make it third time lucky to keep their secret safe?

This totally addictive page-turning cozy mystery is perfect for fans of M.C. Beaton, Faith Martin and Betty Rowlands.

Today is my stop on An English garden Murder blog tour. Many thanks to Bookouture for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This is the first in a great new cosy crime series by Katie Gayle.

Julia Bird has just purchased the quintessential English cottage in the pretty little village of Berrywick. However her dream soon turns into a nightmare when she unearths a body whilst she is renovating the garden.

Any thoughts of the police solving the murder are hampered when she realises that the police force in Berrywick consists of one person. Desperate to enjoy her new home she embarks on solving the crime herself, putting her at odds with her new neighbours and the killer…….

I can not wait to read the second in the series.

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A Body on the Beach

Author – Dee MacDonald.

Aged 18, Dee arrived in London from Scotland and typed her way round the West End for a couple of years before joining BOAC (forerunner of British Airways) in Passenger Services for 2 years and then as a stewardess for 8 years.

She has worked in Market Research, Sales and at the Thames TV Studios when they had the franchise. Dee has since relocated to Cornwall, where she spent 10 years running B&Bs, and only began writing when she was over 70!

Married twice, she has one son and two grandsons.

Dee MacDonald

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Publisher – Bookouture

Pages – 273

The Blurb –

It’s Tinworthy village’s summer fete: a brass band, cream teas, gentle gossip… and a body on the beach? The party’s just getting started for super sleuth Kate Palmer! Kate Palmer thought spending the day at Tinworthy’s annual summer party would involve sea air, sunshine and Cornish cream cake – how very wrong she was! When Kate goes for a cliff-top walk she is shocked to spot the body of Sienna Stone – Cornwall’s biggest gossip – on the sandy beach below. Rumours swirl around the close-knit community and all eyes are on Kate. Half the village saw her arguing with Sienna at the party earlier that day. It was the usual bickering between neighbours, but when Kate finds herself in the frame can she – and her new husband Woody Forrest – solve the puzzling death and clear her name? There’s a long list of people who might have wanted to push Sienna – her long-suffering husband Irvin, her jealous younger sister Sally and Timmy Thomson, the man who idolised her, not to mention all the villagers who felt the sharp end of her tongue. Finding out the truth isn’t going to be easy… Just as Kate thinks she’s getting closer to an answer, an unexpected afternoon visitor shares some curious information over tea and scones that sets her on an entirely different path. And soon she starts to wonder if she might be in real danger too… Can Kate solve the curious case before the murderer declares the party over? Or have her days of sleuthing come to an end? If you love cosy crime stories complete with quirky characters, twisty plots and plenty of suspects, A Body on the Beach will have you absolutely hooked until the very last page! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Faith Martin and Clare Chase.

Today is my stop on the A Body on the Beach blog tour. Many thanks to Bookouture for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This is the fifth book in the Kate Palmer series and I am loved it.

A Body on the Beach sees Kate drawn into another investigation when a body is found at the body of a cliff. She finds herself a suspect as she had run ins with the deceased, however she soon realises that she is not the only one with reason to want the deceased dead.

I am really enjoying this series and have also read and reviewed:

A Body at the Tearooms

A Body at the Altar

This is a well written series and I look forward to reading more.

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Style and the Solitary

Author – Miriam Drori.

When Miriam Drori says she loves to perform, people don’t believe her. When she says she’s not shy, they think she’s delusional. The fact is, things ain’t what they seem. A witch called social anxiety took away her ability to be spontaneous, but it didn’t change her exhibitionist nature. You need to watch her dancing or speaking before an audience to understand that.

Fortunately, she has found an outlet for her thoughts in writing, a solitary activity with multiple recipients. She never doubted her ability to write, but only in recent years has she managed to gather her views and observations together into papier-mâché balls worth throwing far and wide.

If you ignore the witch, life has been good to Miriam, especially since she made the decision to move from the UK to Israel. She has a wonderful husband, three lovely children and a delightful house. She loves to read, travel, hike and dance. She has worked in computer programming and technical writing, and now enjoys the freedom and versatility of creative writing. And she believes passionately in raising awareness of social anxiety.

Miriam Drori

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Amazon page:

Publisher – Darkstroke

Pages – 185

The Blurb –

An unexpected murder. A suspect with a reason. The power of unwavering belief.

A murder has been committed in an office in Jerusalem. That’s for sure. The rest is not as clear-cut as it might seem.

Asaf languishes in his cell, unable to tell his story even to himself. How can he tell it to someone who elicits such fear within him?

His colleague, Nathalie, has studied Beauty and the Beast. She understands its moral. Maybe that’s why she’s the only one who believes in Asaf, the suspect. But she’s new in the company – and in the country. Would anyone take her opinion seriously?

She coerces her flatmates, Yarden and Tehila, into helping her investigate. As they uncover new trails, will they be able to reverse popular opinion?

In the end, will Beauty’s belief be strong enough to waken the Beast? Or, in this case, can Style waken the Solitary?

Today is the one year anniversary of Style and the Solitary and I thank Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me be part of the Birthday Blitz.

My thoughts – This was a really interesting read. I have never read a book before based in Jerusalem and the author excelled in pulling me into that environment. The descriptions of the sights and sounds of the city grabbed me and added an extra layer of authenticity to the story.

I really liked Asaf’s character and the vulnerability the author gave him, and I liked how this worked along Nathalie’s character.

A really interesting read.

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Murder at the Gardens

Author – Lisa Cutts.

Lisa Cutts is a full-time detective constable investigating murders for a living. When off duty she writes a fictitious version of her day job. She lives and works within the county of Kent with her husband and Labrador.

She is the author of the DC Nina Foster books, Never Forget and Remember, RememberNever Forgot was longlisted for the Waverton Good Read Award 2013 and the winner of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award 2014 for Best Thriller. She has also written four books in the East Rise Incident Room series, Mercy KillingBuried SecretsLost Lives and Don’t Trust Him. All four centre around DI Harry Powell and his Major Crime Team battling to solve the latest murders within the county. Currently she is writing the Little Challham mysteries, cosy mysteries set in a fictional village in Kent.

She writes a monthly column, Behind the Tape, for Writing Magazine answering police procedural questions from other writers. In early 2016, she was honoured to become the Patron of Rochester Literature Festival and help establish Murderous Medway, an annual crime fiction festival packed full of amazing author panels. As well as being on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book, Lisa has twice appeared on This Morning to chat about TV crime dramas Broadchurch and Line of Duty.

Lisa Cutts

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Publisher – Bookouture

Pages – 266

The Blurb –

A lovely day out takes a dark turn when a complaining customer is found dead… Luckily amateur sleuth Belinda Penshurst is on the scene – and ready to investigate!

Belinda Penshurst has always loved Brabourne Gardens. A keen animal lover, she enjoys walking its winding paths and listening to the excited squeals of schoolchildren encountering the kind of wildlife you don’t normally find in England. So when one of the visitors is found strangled, she’s determined to learn whodunnit – and why.

The victim, Simon Carter, had a reputation for making trouble… But surely that’s not a good enough reason to want him dead. Together with retired detective Harry Powell, Belinda investigates the goings-on behind the scenes, and learns that some of the staff are more savage than the animals.

Is it Estelle Samuels, the anti-social owner, who clearly has something to hide? Or the security guard who takes his job too seriously? Most worrying of all, Belinda’s ex Ivan was there when the body was found, and she’s determined to clear his name. As suspicions swirl, one thing’s for sure: if Belinda keeps following the killer’s tracks, she might find herself in their sights…

Can she sniff out a murderer, before she becomes prey?

A completely unputdownable and charming cozy mystery. Fans of M.C. Beaton, H.Y. Hanna or Emily Organ will love the Belinda Penshurst series!

Today is my stop on the Murder in the Gardens blog tour. Many thanks to Bookouture for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This is the third book in the Belinda Penshurst series. The first two being Murder in the Village and Murder at the Castle.

It was lovely to catch up with Belinda and Harry again, as they find themselves involved in another suspicious death. When a body is found at a popular gardens, Belinda is surprised to find her ex Ivan is on the scene. The victim wasn’t universally liked but could Ivan have something to do with his death? Harry and Belinda’s investigations lead them to meeting some very unlikeable characters that all have a motive to want the man dead.

This really is a great series for fans of cosy crime such as myself, and I can not wait to read the next one.

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The Lake Templeton Murders

Author – HS Burney.

HS Burney writes fast-moving, action-packed mysteries set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and crystalline ocean in West Coast Canada. She loves creating characters that keep you on your toes. A corporate executive by day and a novelist by night, HS Burney received her Bachelors’ in Creative Writing from Lafayette College. A proud Canadian immigrant, she takes her readers into worlds populated by diverse characters with unique cultural backgrounds. When not writing, she is out hiking, waiting for the next story idea to strike, and pull her into a new world.

HS Burney

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Pages – 341

The Blurb –

An edge-of-your seat murder mystery set in a forgotten, ocean-facing town on Vancouver Island!

A body washes up on the shores of Lake Templeton, a small town on the coast of Vancouver Island. Sharon Reese, the victim, was a dedicated government employee. Everyone liked her, but no one knew much about her. Was she hiding something? Maybe a questionable past riddled with scandal. And did it lead to her plunge to death, in a drunken stupor, off the dock outside her secluded lakefront lodge?

Was it an accident? A suicide? Or cold-blooded murder? Private Investigator, Fati Rizvi, is determined to find out.

Fati arrives in Lake Templeton to find secrets that run as deep as the City’s sewers. Everyone is hiding something and nothing is as it seems. A cult escapee. A corrupt politician. A struggling airline. A multi-million dollar public-private project to revitalize the Lake Templeton waterfront. How are they all connected?

As Fati valiantly unravels the knots, another body is found on the shore. Is it the same killer? And can Fati stop them before they strike again?

Today is my stop on The Lake Templeton Murders blog tour. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts -This book is an excellent read, that takes you straight into the action.

The story is set in Canada and the author portrays the beauty of the scenery and this one part I really enjoyed.

Fati Ritzi is a smart and driven PI, and is drawn to the discovery of a body that is found washed up. Delving into the victim’s history she is determined to find out whether she was just a Government employee or was there more to her life. Did this lead to her death?

I read this book really quickly and to me that is always a sign of a book that is well written.

I look forward to reading the next in the series.

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