Signs In The Rearview Mirror: Leaving A Toxic Relationship Behind

Author – Kelly Smith is an American author, who was Boston born and raised.  Kelly now makes her home in Austin with her three sons and one amazing Giant Schnauzer Bullseye. Kelly has written for Huffington Post, blogs at Thoughts Becoming Words, and hosts a podcast, Lets Get Wicked Deep.

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Kelly Smith

Social Media Links

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kellye95/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/kellys_author

Publisher – Sunny Day Publishing LLC – https://sunnydaypublishing.com/  https://twitter.com/sunnydaypub

Pages 110

The Blurb – What kind of person ends up in a toxic relationship?  And why does she stay? This searingly honest novel answers both these questions head-on.  Coming out of a failing marriage, Kelly turns to Gabe out of fear of being alone.  Her gradual slide into danger is at once terrifying and inevitable, and the steps she takes to get out of it will both inspire and offer hope.

I read this book as part of a blog tour, many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity.

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My thoughts – This book broaches the subject of toxic partnerships, and does so successfully.  This is a true account of a relationship the author, Kelly Smith was part of.  She wrote the book to share her experiences with others so that they might recognise the signs of an unhealthy pairing.

Kelly discusses frankly the decline of the relationship, and why she made the decisions she did. It can be hard for outsiders to understand why someone would stay with a partner like Gabe.  They say ‘oh just leave’, it really isn’t that easy, as Kelly shows in the book.  People like Gabe are good manipulators,  the warning signs are easily missed, and once their true colours are revealed, its hard to just leave.

Kelly describes how a competent mother of three, spirals within a destructive relationship, losing her confidence and self esteem.

This isn’t an easy read but I highly recommend it, if you recognise any of the traits Gabe has, take a step back and ask yourself.  Am I in a healthy relationship?  Is this good for me?  Well done to Kelly for having the resolve to pen such a personal account.

This book may contain triggers for some readers.

Purchase Links

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Signs-Rearview-Mirror-Leaving-Relationship/dp/1948613018/

Amazon UShttps://www.amazon.com/Signs-Rearview-Mirror-Leaving-Relationship/dp/1948613018/

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