Do Bugs Wear Shoes?

Author – Addie Broussard & Anthony Puttee

Addie enjoys travelling and wrote her first book DoggieNauts when she was nine years old.  This book will be published next year.  She is also the author of Beedog, another educational book for children, that has won The Purple Dragonfly Award and The Readers Favourite Book Award.

Anthony is a illustrator, who has a background in video games and television media.  He is also the founder of Book Cover Café.

Together they have founded Two Umbrellas which specialise in educational books and resources for children.

Anthony Puttee & Addie Broussard


Twitter Links –

Addie Broussard – @addiebroussard

Anthony Puttee – @AnthonyPuttee

Pages – 42

Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for allowing me to be part of this blog tour.


My thoughts – This is the first children’s book I have reviewed on my blog and what a book to start with.  I have an eight year old son and we sat and read this together.  It is so lovely and colourful it really is inviting for children and adults.


It is a great book for children to learn what entomology is, and in general I have found they are naturally curious about creepy crawlies.  The pages are set out with clear headings and photographs, interwoven with these are interesting facts and some questions.

At the back of the book is a reference section, this shows links to different websites for additional material.  There is a link to the Two Umbrellas page and access to free downloads in keeping with this book.

My son loved this book as did I, it is bright and colourful and encourages children to learn, without them really realising it.  I would recommend it children and parents, and also teachers who could easily use this book as a learning resource for their classes.

tu-bugbook-cover-promo-web-800px-v1To purchase this lovely children’s book click here

One thought on “Do Bugs Wear Shoes?

  1. Thanks for sharing your review Caroline. It is exciting that the book was your first children’s book review on the blog. Glad you were able to share it with your daughter too. Hope you have a fun Halloween!


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