Readers & Writers Group – A J Sefton

It was lovely to have A. J Sefton join us at the November meeting of Readers & Writers.

A J Sefton and myself 
A J has always written, she was published at the age of 15 in magazines.  She is a former history teacher and now uses her love of history to write her novels.  She has written six books mostly set in the Dark Ages.  An era she has extensively researched and found that a lot of the long held beliefs about the age are wrong.

It was really interesting to hear how she researched an initial idea and turned this into one of her books.  Her depth of knowledge and passion for history certainly came through in her talk.

The group turned into a lovely discussion about history including medieval weapons and historical sites.  AJ now lives in Warwickshire and as a historian has enjoyed finding links to ancient sites in the area.

She is on Twitter @AJSeftonauthor and has a website https://www.ajsefton.com

Purchase links –

GulfyrianTeon, and Crushed

After our talk we had our usual discussion about the books we have read, or books we would recommend to everyone else.  I always love this part of the session as it shows what a wide and varied group of readers we are, AJ told us she was reading the recent winner of the Man Booker Prize 2018 The Milkman by Anna Burns, her husband had just finished reading books by H.P Lovecraft. I recommended The Cuckoo Wood, a recent blog tour book I’d read and Sue had just finished a book by Sophie Kinsella.

There is no group now until the 12th February, where the speaker is yet to be confirmed.

For more information on the group – Tamworth Readers and Writers Group and you can read about some of our recent guests too.  Reader and Writers Group – Beverley TuckerTamworth Readers & Writers – Kerry Hadley-Pryce,

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