November Round Up

November was a busy month review wise, I shared twelve book reviews with you.


Here is a brief recap of November’s books, along with the links to my reviews

A Christmas Date – A really good Christmas read, Nikki is dreading spending the Christmas holidays with her loved up sister and family.

Another Kind of Magic – Caitlyn is cursed, and is destined to spend her immortal life working for the benefit of others.  Can she break the curse?

Death Comes In Through The Kitchen – Matt arrives in Cuba expecting to find the girl he is going to marry.  Unfortunately his trip doesn’t go as planned when she is found murdered.  Matt is the number one suspect.

The Cuckoo Wood – An excellent debut novel, that introduces us to Alex Ripley.  When girls are found dead in a small town, Alex’s friend calls her in to investigate.

What Happened To Us? – Carrie is shocked when her long term partner Kevin dumps her for the new waitress at their restaurant.  Naturally she is heart broken but the break makes her realise that maybe she has settled for too long.

Homicide in Herne Hill – Part of the London Murder Mysteries, this is book see Beth trying to solve the murder of Peter Potter, a local solicitor.

The Fourth Victim – A clever, police procedural with an unusual twist.  Matthew Merry is about to work on his complex case ever.

Murder Served Cold – A brilliant mystery especially for fans of Agatha Raisin.

The Dragon and the Lumberjack – A fast paced thriller, that follows Thomas as he goes undercover to get in with the triads, to discover ‘The Twelve’.

Tales from the Pays d’Oc – A delightful collection of connected short stories.

The Magic of Christmas – A lovely Christmas read, that will make you hungry.  The books contains some lovely recipes that appeal to non cooks like me.

A Hollow Sky – The second book in the Alex Ripley series.  A teenage girl in a coma can perform miracles from her bed.  People that visit her report to be healed, however when Ian Hewitt’s wife dies only hours after her visit, he suspects a scam.

Caroline x

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