I Know Your Every Move

Author – Manchester born Diane Ezzard writes emotionally charged psychological thrillers and mysteries about everyday people in seemingly ordinary circumstances until something goes badly wrong in their lives.

Before taking early retirement to concentrate on her writing, she worked as a HR manager, a counsellor, owned a café and managed a charity.

She now lives and writes in South East London close to her daughter and grandchildren.

new orleans[2065]
Diane Ezzard
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Pages – 333

The Blurb –

A sinister phone call, an unknown visitor.  Sophie’s life is about to be turned upside down.

Sophie has worked hard to free herself from the clutches of addiction and turn her life around.  Practising as a counsellor, in a women’s centre in Manchester, she now helps other girls in trouble.  She forms a close relationship with Cassie, one of her clients and tries to help her escape the clutches of a violent boyfriend.

But is Sophie being followed?

How can she uncover the truth, when she can’t trust what is real?

The more she delves, the closer she gets to danger.

Can she revisit her own dark past before its too late?

Today is my stop on the I Know Your Every Move blog tour.  Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources

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My thoughts – It can be hard to convey emotion in a book, but the emotion in this book is extremely well written.  The fear and anxiety that Sophie feels is palpable, that shows that the author knows the subject matter well.

Sophie wants to escape her dysfunctional home life, her parents don’t get along and the atmosphere is toxic.  She does well for herself and gets a job and a place to live, unfortunately that is when she meets Jay.

As with most violent relationships, you never see it at the start and Sophie falls in to a relationship with Jay that has terrible consequences for her.  Especially when she tries to start her life over.

She keeps getting malicious phone calls, emails and notes?  Her anxiety is triggered and she is desperate to know who has it in for her……?

A thought provoking read, and I’m looking forward to reading the second book in the Sophie Brown series.

Purchase Links –

UK – http://amzn.to/2tyMlmU

US – http://amzn.to/2tdEdc5

This counts towards my British Book Challenge

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