My Top Ten Reads of 2018

This is the list of the top ten books that I’ve enjoyed the most this year.

10) The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by @ClaireNorth42


9) Murder Served Cold by @PaulaWilliams44

Murder Served Cold Full Tour Banner[1635]

8) The Daughter Of Time by Josephine Tey


7) Then She Was Gone by @LucaVeste


6) Three Things I’d Tell My Younger Self  by @JoannaCannon

Three things

5) Eeny Meeny by @mjarlidge


4) Mad Girl by @bryony_gordon


3) The Cuckoo Wood by @mseancoleman

The Cuckoo Wood[1477]

2) The Keeper Of Lost Things by @ruthmariehogan


1) The Trouble With Goats And Sheep by @JoannaCannon


This is the first time I have done a Top Ten of my reads, it is really hard to do.  Such a wide variety of genres and topics.  Here’s to many more great reads this year.

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