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The Art of Sherlock Holmes

Author –

Phil Growick
The project was conceived by and is curated by Phil Growick. Phil ran one of the world’s leading executive search firms in the advertising industry. Phil’s network in the creative world is unparalleled which is perfect for artist acquisition. Now living in West Palm, Phil is heavily involved in the local art community and as a two-time Sherlock Holmes novelist came up with the concept of combining two of his passions – art and Holmes.

“You’re presented with murder, theft, treason, betrayal, love, loss and greed. All the ingredients to make a delicious Holmes meal of mystery: inimitable interpretations of truly unique Holmes stories.”

1 - Tale of The First Adventure - Displate[4484]

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Publisher –

MX is the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes publisher. The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories is the world’s largest new Sherlock stories collection with twelve bestselling volumes in the last four years – with three more volumes due in May 2019. Over 100 authors have taken part in the anthology including NY Times best sellers Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman, Lyndsay Faye and Bonnie MacBird.

The collection raises money for the Stepping Stones School ( a school for children with learning disabilities) at Undershaw, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home which carries the Estate’s Conan Doyle Seal. The collection has overwhelming support from leading Sherlockians worldwide. MX are in a perfect position to bring the best in Holmes fiction and the Sherlock fan base to the project.

MX’ other project is the Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Twinned with Stepping Stones, Happy Life has saved the lives of over 600 abandoned babies in the last two decades. The project has expanded to include a school and paediatric hospital.

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3 - Two Plus Two - Displate[4483]

Pages – 252

The Blurb –

The Art of Sherlock Holmes is a totally unique experience. Imagine a dozen or more of the finest artists in the U.S. creating art for some the best new short stories written by some of the finest Holmes authors in the world. Each artist has envisioned their version of one story specifically selected for them. All stories and art in one large, hardcover, coffee table presentation volume. This first edition features artists from West Palm Beach, Florida. Future editions will be global, with participating artists contributing from all over the world. The Art of Sherlock Holmes was conceived and curated by Phil Growick, himself a renowned Holmes author.

Today is my stop on The Art of Sherlock Holmes blog tour.  Many thanks to Caroline Vincent for the opportunity to read and review.

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My thoughts – I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan so was very excited to be able to read this book.  I can imagine writing a story using such a huge literary character must be quite daunting, but this isn’t evident in the book.  All the stories are worthy of the character and feel very authentic.

This is a beautiful book, which is a collection of new Sherlock Holmes stories written by several different authors.  There are sixteen different stories in the book and each of them is introduced by a art work that is inspired by the following story.  

The art works are all very diverse and use different methods to convey the themes of the stories that they are portraying.

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