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The Comedy Club

Author – Peter Bartram brings years of experience as a journalist to his Crampton of the Chronicle crime mystery series. His novels are fast-paced and humorous – the action is matched by the laughs. The books feature a host of colourful characters as befits stories set in Brighton, one of Britain’s most trend-setting towns.
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Peter began his career as a reporter on a local weekly newspaper before editing newspapers and magazines in London, England and, finally, becoming freelance. He has done most things in journalism from door-stepping for quotes to writing serious editorials. He’s pursued stories in locations as diverse as 700-feet down a coal mine and a courtier’s chambers at Buckingham Palace. Peter is a member of the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers’ Association.

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Peter Bartram

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The Comedy Club Mystery: A Crampton of the Chronicle comic crime adventure

Murder has never been such fun…

When theatrical agent Daniel Bernstein sues the Evening Chronicle for libel, crime reporter Colin Crampton is called in to sort out the problem.But trouble escalates when Bernstein turns up murdered. Colin discovers that any of five comedians competing for the chance to appear on a top TV show could be behind the killing.As Colin and his feisty girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith investigate, they encounter a cast of colourful characters – identical twin gangsters, an Irishman who lives underground, and a failed magician’s assistant.And it’s not long before their own lives are in peril as they battle to crack a code that will lead to a fortune. Join Colin and Shirley for a rollercoaster of an adventure in Swinging Sixties England – where the laughs are never far from the action.

Today is my stop on The Comedy Club Mystery Blog Tour.  Many thanks to @Anne Cater for the opportunity to read and review.

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My thoughts – What a fantastic book, I absolutely loved it.  A murder mystery, but full of puns, one-liners and innuendo, it had me laughing all the way through.

Colin Crampton is a crime reporter, working for the Evening Chronicle in Brighton.  When one of his colleagues is wrongly arrested for murder, he does everything he can to find the person responsible.

Alongside the humour, I found the book well written and I found myself wondering why I hadn’t read anything else by this author.  His knowledge of working for newspapers comes through as Colin describes the newsroom, his working practice and the different aspects of putting a newspaper together.  Writing about what you know really adds to the authenticity of the book.

I highly recommend this book and the author, I will definitely be reading more of this series, and his other books.

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