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One Year Later

Author – Sanjida Kay.

SANJIDA KAY is a writer and broadcaster. She lives in Somerset with her daughter and husband. She has written three previous psychological thrillers, Bone by Bone, The Stolen Child and My Mother’s Secret to critical acclaim.

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Sanjida Kay
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Publisher – Corvus Books

Pages – 400

The Blurb –

Some secrets won’t stay buried…

Since Amy’s daughter, Ruby-May, died in a terrible accident, her family have been beset by grief. One year later, the family decide to go on holiday to mend their wounds. An idyllic island in Italy seems the perfect place for them to heal and repair their relationships with one another.

But no sooner have they arrived than they discover nothing on this remote island is quite as it seems. And with the anniversary of the little girl’s death looming, it becomes clear that at least one person in the family is hiding a shocking secret. As things start to go rapidly wrong, Amy begins to question whether everyone will make it home…

Today is my stop on the One Year Later blog tour.  Many thanks to Anne Cater for the chance to read and review.

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My thoughts – Wow what a powerful book, the feeling of grief that the whole family feel is palpable through the pages.

The story follows the aftermath of Ruby-May’s death, a death that has essentially torn a family apart.  One year on, still struggling the family decide to go on holiday but instead of being healing, it threatens to get much worse.

This is an excellent insight into a family,all with their own points of views and more importantly their own secrets.  This is gripping and can be quite hard in places but is a really good read.

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