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Author – Tony Estrella.

TONY ESTRELLA has worked in Asia, the US, and Europe as health startup founder & investor, corporate innovation leader, and strategic advisor. Tony is a regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences around the world. During his talks, he provides insights as a serial healthcare entrepreneur and a corporate executive. Comatose, his first novel was selected as a Semi-Finalist by the William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative writing competition.

Tony is an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (MBA), London Business School, and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (Electrical Engineering). Tony currently resides in Singapore with his wife and daughter.

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More information about Tony Estrella and Comatose can be found at:

Twitter – EstrellaVino

Publisher – Cranthorpe Milner Publishers

Pages – 425

The Blurb –

Comatose follows the lives of four strangers who are trying to cheat death. On the surface, these people – a famous Hollywood director suffering from terminal brain cancer, a budding scientist in Artificial Intelligence whose honeymoon tragically ended with a freak plane accident, an angry orphan who lost her closest family to a tragic accident, and the leading medical expert in treating comatose patients – appear to have nothing in common.

However, once they independently uncover a link between lucid dreaming and comas, their lives start to intersect. They uncover astounding opportunities to ease individual suffering and pain as they crisscross different time periods and distant locations in their odysseys. The competing factions careen forward into a life-threatening race for survival and supremacy, ultimately leading to an exciting conclusion that explains why we really dream.

Today is my stop on the Comatose blog tour.  Many thanks to Anne Cater for the chance to read and review.

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My thoughts – What an original book, quite unlike anything I have read before.  What I find hard to believe is that it is a debut novel.

The book looks into the link between lucid dreams and comas, an area in which the author has extensive experience.  He puts his expertise to great use in this novel, as his knowledge as he uses this subject to create a great book.

This is an excellent read, especially if you are looking for something different.  The amazing detail and description in the dreams is written so well, you can visualise it easily.

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