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A Thoughtful Woman

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Author – K.T. Findlay.

I’m the author of the Sally Mellors adventures and the Prince Wulfstan books.

Ever since I first saw James Burke’s wonderful Connections series, I’ve been fascinated by the way a single new idea can change the course of history. The more I learned, the more intrigued I became about how some ideas stuck while others initially sank without trace, only to resurface perhaps hundreds of years later to change everything. The first Prince Wulfstan book, In Two Minds, explores this idea not just by introducing new ideas into a medieval society, but by showing just how difficult it would be to pull that off in practice.

I’m equally fascinated by the justice system. People expect it to be fair, which is why we allow it to resolve our disputes instead of simply taking revenge ourselves. But watch an individual case play out in court and it can seem more like a high stakes game between lawyers than the pursuit of absolute truth. And if you think it’s a game, do you still accept the result if you lose? Is that still justice? At what point will a perfectly normal, perfectly decent person snap, and what happens when they do? Is it possible to plunge into the darkness of revenge and remain the normal, decent, happy person you were before you started? Enter Sally Mellors, who’s going to give it a damned good try in A Thoughtful Woman.

K.T. Findlay

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Pages – 432

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hey say revenge is a dish best served cold, but where’s the fun in that?
Artist Sally Mellors has planned the perfect revenge, but with two secret agents on her tail, and her best friends running the police investigation, getting away with murder is going to be tricky…
Everybody loves Sally. She’s a funny, generous, warm hearted friend, without a nasty bone in her body.
Isn’t she?
Unknown to her friends, Sally’s discovered another side to herself, cool headed and relentless, as she hunts down the three men who killed her husband. But Sally’s not the only one with an interest in the trio. Unknown to her, two agents have arrived in town, urgently hunting a missing man and his diary, which could blow their organisation apart. Their best leads are the very men that Sally’s hunting, and she’s getting in the way… 

Today is my stop on the A Thoughtful Woman blog tour. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – When someone commits an illegal act that ends in death, people expect justice. So what happens when the system works against you? When the guilty party is given a free pass? How do the family cope with this?

This is the situation Emma finds herself in when her husband is killed by a drunk driver, when all the evidence is ‘lost’, the killer is found not guilty. Emma doesn’t know how to cope with her grief.

She is then contacted by Sally Mellors, another widow. Her story is almost identical to Emma’s even down to the same family who are responsible.

Sally and Emma decide to take the law into their own hands and make the legal system and the perpetrators pay for the lack of justice n their husband’s cases. What they are unaware of is that they aren’t the only ones who know of this scheme to get these men off.

A brilliantly written story that shows how far some people will go to get justice, and how far they will go to corrupt it.

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