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Don’t Worry Everything is Going To Be Amazing

Author – Billy Moran.

Billy Moran is an award-winning television writer for shows including Horrible Histories. He grew up in the West Country, where his teenage years were rudely interrupted by the Second Summer of Love. Since then he has been  embracing mysteries, craving solutions and writing lots of lists. He lives in London and has two children, two cats, one football team and several favourite detectives.

Don’t Worry, Everything Is Going To Be Amazing is his debut novel.

Billy Moran

Publisher – Sauce Materials Books

Pages – 340

The Blurb –


Chris Pringle: simpleton, casualty or local hero?

Propped up by biscuits, benefits and a baffling faith in his plan, he lives in a world where every day is obsessively the same: wedged in his recliner, watching murder mysteries, taking notes. Until the day a serious and peculiar crime stumps the local police – and Chris announces he can solve it.

Accompanied by a loyal crew of chancers, committed to making amends, and pursued by a depressed Detective Inspector, trying to join the dots, Chris heads back to the raves of his past, where a heartbreaking personal tragedy lies abandoned. But what exactly is Chris Pringle looking for? Has he really worked out the way to find it? And what will happen if he does?


Irvine Welsh, Agatha Christie, Gail Honeyman, Ian Rankin, Matt Haig, Ben Aaronovitch, Dave Eggers, Jennifer Egan, John Niven, Richard Osman, John Kennedy Toole, Belinda Bauer, Harland Miller, Mick Herron.

Today is my stop on the Everything Is Going To Be Amazing blog tour. Many thanks to Sauce Materials for the chance to read and review.

My thoughts – This was such a good read. The protagonist is not the normal crime- fighting character.

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks they could solve a murder mystery, after all I do it all the time when watching Midsomer or Vera. So would you step up to the challenge in real life?

Chris believes he can, even if it seems highly unlikely. This book is very funny but also draws on other emotions.

Highly recommended.

Purchase Links – Everything Is Going To Be Amazing

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