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The New Achilles

Author –

Christian Cameron (Also Miles Cameron, author of the ‘Red Knight’ and ‘Fell Sword’) was born in the US, in Pittsburg PA, in 1962 and grew up in Rochester, NY and Iowa City, Iowa, as well as Rockport MA. He attended high school at McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester NY and got an honours BA in Medieval History at the University of Rochester. After University, Mr. Cameron joined the United States Navy as an Ensign, serving in VS 31 as an air intelligence officer and gaining his Air Observer wings before going to spend the rest of his military career as a humint officer, first with NCIS and later with DHS, serving in the first Gulf War, Somalia, and central Africa on numerous occasions. Mr. Cameron left the US military in 2000 as a Lieutenant Commander.

While still serving in the Navy, Mr. Cameron proposed his first novel with his father (Kenneth Cameron, American novelist and playwright) to Harper Collins UK, which was published in 1996 as ‘Night Trap” in the UK and “Rules of Engagement” in the United States. In 2002, Mr. Cameron wrote his first solo novel, “Washington and Caesar,” published by Harper Collins in the UK and Random House in the US. Also in 2002, Mr. Cameron moved to Canada and married his wife, Sarah. They have one child, Beatrice. They live in Toronto.

Mr. Cameron is a passionate historical re-enactor, with interests in the American Revolution ( and the Persian wars ( and the Middle Ages.

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Publisher – Orion Publishing
Pages – 416

The Blurb –

Alexanor is a man who has seen too much blood. He has left the sword behind him to become a healer in the greatest sanctuary in Greece, turning his back on war.

But war has followed him to his refuge at Epidauros, and now a battle to end the freedom of Greece is all around him. The Mediterranean superpowers of Rome, Egypt and Macedon are waging their proxy wars on Hellenic soil, turning Greek farmers into slaves and mercenaries.

When wounded soldier Philopoemen is carried into his temple, Alexanor believes the man’s wounds are mortal but that he is not destined to die. Because he knows Philopoemen will become Greece’s champion. Its last hero. The new Achilles.

In Christian Cameron’s latest historical novel the old orders of the world begin to fall apart as Rome rises to supremacy – and Greece struggles to survive.

Today is my stop on the The New Achilles blog tour.  Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for the chance to read and review.

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My thoughts – What a fantastic book.  You can tell that the author is an expert on the subject as his knowledge is weaved through the story.  His writing really conjures up the period and it is easy to picture the characters and situations.

I found it really immersive, and really liked that the main character Alexanor was a man of peace.

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February Round Up

Here is a round up of my February book reviews along with the links.

Walking In The Rain – The second book in the Drumbeats trilogy.

Revenge on the Rye – Another in the series featuring Beth Haldane.

Street Cat Blues – A lovely story told from the perspective of Aubrey the cat.

The Last Thing She Said – Three sisters try to find the truth.

Finding Jess – The last book of the Drumbeats trilogy.

Did I Mention I Was Getting Married – The follow up to Did I Mention I Won The Lottery?

You Can’t Buy Old Friends – The first in the great P.I series by Tom Trott.

The Talisman – The story follows Molly as she deals with a life changing event.

Karma Never Loses An Address – Follow up to Facing a Twisted Judgment

An Impossible Thing Called Love – Can a holiday romance survive?

The Four of Us – Four friends decide to call it quits, can they cope without each other?

The Ghostly Father – A reworking of Romeo and Juliet.

Consuming Fire – A thriller set in Liverpool.

The Migraine Relief Plan: An 8-Week Transition to Better Eating, Fewer Headaches, and Optimal Health – A recipe book geared to help those who suffer with migraines.

Choose Your Parents Wisely – A girl goes missing, can the PI find her?

One Last Prayer For The Rays – A boy has gone missing, can the police find him in time?

It Never Goes Away – Last in the private detective series by Tom Trott.

Dark and Fluffy Volume II – A collection of short stories.

The OutCast Hours – A collection of dark short stories.

Clash of Empires – A tale of war between Rome and Greece.

That is 20 reviews for you to peruse at your leisure, I hope you find something that you enjoy.

Caroline x



Who’s Sorry Now

Author – Helene Fermont.

Born into a bilingual family (Swedish/ English) Hélene Fermont enjoyed an idylic childhood on the outskirts of Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city and major cultural hub. Growing up in the 1970s she had a brief musical career on Swedish TV and radio. Hélene lived in London for over 20 years but has recently returned to Sweden.

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Pages – 34

The Blurb –

Who’s Sorry Now? Is a collection of four crime and romance stories. 

It’s about love, betrayal and dreams. 

Do we really know the people we love?

Can love be rekindled?

Do dreams come true?

The truth always comes out in the end. 

I am reviewing this books thanks to @sarahhardy681 @BOTBSPublicity.

My thoughts – As  I have said before I love short stories. So I was really pleased to review this lovely little collection.  There are just four stories which are:

Full Circle -A story about a couple separated due to health concerns decide whether they can make a fresh start.

The Perfect Murder – Wealthy twins hate the same person, and individually decide to get rid of him, but someone beats them to it, but will they pay the price anyway?

Who’s Sorry Now – Madeline splits up from her long term partner due to his infidelity, he is desperate to get her back.

Katie’s Christmas Wish – Katie works at a printers that is threatened with closure, she should try finding another job.  However she is smitten with Charlie but he doesn’t even notice her.  Will the Christmas party change everything?

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Crow’s Cottage

Author – John Bowen.

John Bowen is a multi genre thriller author who lives in the UK. When not playing video-games, reading, catching up on movies, going to the gym, and enjoying time with his wife and children he occasionally finds time to write…

His debut novel supernatural suspense thriller Where the Dead Walk is an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller, his most recent novel, murder mystery, Death Stalks Kettle Street is an Amazon Top 10 Bestseller.  His action adventure thriller, Vessel is a Number 1 Bestseller in Kindle Thriller and Mystery, and his short story collection Cold Sweats & Vigrettes is a #1 Bestseller in Short Fiction.

Crow’s Cottage the sequel to Where the Dead Walk was released on March 29th 2019.

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Pages – 343

The Blurb –

A dead man. A missing woman. A haunted cottage. A secret hidden for thirty years…

In 1988 a famous record producer took his own life and a woman vanished after attending a party at Crow’s Cottage.

When the cottage’s owner passes away decades later, the property falls into the hands of his nephew, who finds a strange box hidden there. It is a replica of an infamous occult device called the Mephisto Arcane. In the wake of its discovery come sightings of an apparition. The crew of the paranormal TV show Where the Dead Walk are invited to investigate the haunting.

They are about to find the past guards its secrets jealously, and that unlocking them has consequences.

The much-anticipated sequel to the Amazon international bestseller Where the Dead Walk#1 Ghosts & Haunted Houses – #1 Paranormal – #1 Horror – #1 Ghosts – #1 Supernatural – #1 Occult

Today is my stop on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour.  Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for the chance to read and review.

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My thoughts – This is an excellent read, which combines great story telling with well rounded characters.

The book follows a group of ghost hunters that have their own TV show.  They think they have wrapped for their current series but when an old item is found in a cottage, they might have a new episode for the series.

Crow’s cottage drove a man to suicide and a woman entered and disappeared, but can they find they secrets that the cottage holds?

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Crow’s Cottage


Mr Prendergast’s Fantastic Find

Author – John Brassey.  John is an avid reader and writes a blog, Notes From Retirement..Where Did The Years Go?

He is enjoys going to the cinema, cycling and of course writing.

He has also written Give Me Your Tomorrow.

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Twitter – @JohnBrassey1

Blog – Notes From Retirement…

Pages – 299

The Blurb –

When retired bank clerk Dave Prendergast makes the find of a lifetime on eBay with an opening bid of just a few pounds, he sees the route to a rosy future.  As the auction clock runs down, all that stands between Dave and the highlife are rival bidders, his conscience… and a big pile of ironing.

I got this book from a friend.

My thoughts – This is such a really funny book, who can’t help but feel sorry for Dave, as what should be such a simple transaction turns into a farce.

All Dave wants to do is buy some pots on eBay, he has a feeling that they are worth far more than what the seller has them on for.  Although he feels bad, he knows that a windfall could buy his long suffering wife a dream holiday.

A fun entertaining read.

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Mr Prendergast’s Fantastic Find


Readers and Writers – Brian Johnson

February saw the group commence again after its Christmas and New Year break.

This months speaker was Brian Johnson, who works within prison chaplains helping offenders. He writes religious leaflets and distributes them within the prison.  Each leaflet has  different religious theme.  To date he has written seven and is in the process of writing another.

Sue Flint & Brian Johnson

He has found that his writings have had a impact on some of the offenders that use the chaplain.  He sees prisoners from all walks of life, with differing levels of education, some being illiterate.  He uses these leaflets to help them to establish a faith if they wish but also as a tool for reading.

To view these books online – Click here

Brian gave us readings from several of the titles, which included some excellent poems.


Brian’s Books

After the break we had the reading section, where we discussed books we were in the processing of reading or had rad.  As usual a lot of different authors and genres were mentioned.

The next meeting is on March 12th with author Pam Keevil. You can read about previous guest speakers too. Readers & Writers Group – A J Sefton Reader and Writers Group – Beverley Tucker.


Thicker Than Water

Author – Rachel McLean.  My name’s Rachel McLean and I write thrillers that make you think.

What does that mean?

In short, I want my stories to make your pulse race and your brain tick.

Do you often get through a thriller at breakneck pace but are left with little sense of what the book was really about? Do you sometimes read literary fiction but just wish something would damn well happen?

My books aim to fill that gap.

If you’d like to know more about my books and receive extra bonus content, please join my book club at I’ll send you a weekly email with news about my writing research and progress, stories and bonus content for each book. And I’ll let you know when my books are on offer.

rachel mclean[3291]
Rachel McLean
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Publisher – Catawampus Press

Pages – 372

The Blurb –

Six years after floods made her family homeless, Jess Dyer has found safety on the wild North Yorkshire coast. Her sister-in-law Ruth is forging a role as doctor to their community of refugees and the rock around which the family revolves.

But the family is haunted by memories of the journey north and the loss of their mother Sonia. And their community is under attack from the local population.

When Jess answers a distress call at sea, she brings strangers to their village and puts Ruth in jeopardy. Jess must calm the community, mount a rescue mission and keep her brother Ben from tipping into insanity.

Will she succeed? And will she find Ruth before it’s too late?

‘Thicker Than Water’ is a gripping thriller about family, belonging and revenge.

Today is my stop on the Thicker Than Water review.  Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read and review.

My thoughts – I enjoyed this book.  You will find her reasons for the theme at the end of the book, but in this current climate (no pun intended!) it really does make you think.

She has took scenario that is well within the realms of possibility and created some very well rounded characters especially in Jess and Ben.  I found myself wanting to know more about their back story and this is drip fed to you as the story unfolds.

Although the main story is about revenge, there are lots of other themes explored such as sibling rivalry, regret, leadership and loyalty.

I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.  It was also nice to see in acknowledgements a mention for Birmingham.

Purchase Links – Thicker Than Water

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